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im jeremy!!! just some random 18 yr old surfing the web. i love drawing my sonas+ocs and ive been dabbling in coding/3d modeling :p old web and all things nerdy r my life. i also collect cool stuff from plushies to graphics online. im also 2+ yrs on testosterone!
im rlly into south park and popcap games atm (insaniquarium, peggle, plants vs. zombies)


  • dogs (if u couldn't tell), cats, rabbits
  • pokemon
  • left 4 dead
  • oneyplays
  • lost media

    click on imgs for credit

    My most beloved and "me" character, Jerm! a friendly yet awkward wolf + dragon. to see more, check his toyhou.se


    my first coding experience was on CS forums around middle school.

    A bit after that i got a TH and adding HTML to my ocs profiles was so fun! i wanted more, so i started up a Neocities to learn :D